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Disney and the details…

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve been on our trip to Orlando and I was going through the pictures I took on the trip and one thing that I took a picture of at the time was this receipt.


What was amazing about this receipt is that this was for a lunch that we had with my in-laws and nephew and nieces. It was at the T-Rex restaurant at Downtown Disney in Orlando. A restaurant that is owned and operated by someone OTHER than Disney and the server that took care of us was “Disney-fied” even though she was not a Disney employee (at this location, she may very well work for Disney in other venues throughout the Orlando area.)

The overwhelming training of Disney employees in the greater Disney World area is so pervasive that a restaurant owned and operated by someone else would be doing the things that I expect a Disney employee to do… (such as draw a little Mickey Mouse symbol on the signature line for the credit card receipt.)

Color me impressed.