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Quick observation on a trip to Epcot.

It was about a year ago that I think I heard about the first Starbucks at a US Disney Theme Park.

This past week, I finally saw one at Epcot.

It’s so cool to see the little details that both companies do to strengthen their brand through business partnership. Ultimately, focusing on what your brand is best at really works to a good, strong partnership. It’s akin to a partnership of two business superpowers.

I especially enjoy the little Disney accents on the good old Starbucks Cup… From the ones done by the Disney baristas to the built in accents…



Even in Disney World, Starbucks strength is its brand.


It is impressive to see the culture built by Disney. The “cast members” are well trained and typically have such positive attitudes even in the oppressive heat of Orlando in July. That seems like a good model to try to ascribe to.